Patient Testimonials

I really enjoyed my procedure there as much as you can possibly enjoy one the doctor was clear and concise with me oh, I didn’t have to wait too long oh, and the in and out time was very very reasonable! Thank you for having me as a patient!
Went in for a baseline colonoscopy …overall a positive experience (considering the circumstances) ..from pre-op to check in and then throughout the process everyone was very friendly , polite, and professional ..Vicki , Kirk , all the nurses whose names escape me …and Dr  Blankenship . And I remember nothing after the anesthesia ..that’s the best part . See you in 10 years
I cannot say enough good things about Tulsa Endoscopy!  If you are going to have to have a colonoscopy, then you definitely should have it at Tulsa Endoscopy. I have never met an unkind person there. No one has ever been rude to me in spite of the fact that I am old and at times kind of stupid. Everyone has a good sense of humor and some of them seem to think I’m humorous. I have friends that have their procedures (I’m tired of typing colonoscopy) performed there and they agree with me. So overall you get an excellent rating! Thanks!
On March 18, 2019 I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy done. Everyone from the receptionist to the nursing staff, anesthesiologist and Dr McNamara were very friendly. I would highly recommend this place.
Our experience there was very efficient. I had very little wait time, everyone was professional and courteous. Dr Conkling was very thorough. Took time to explain everything to me and my family. I’m so glad Dr Cole referred to Dr Conkling. Thank you.
I think the way your personnel treated my mom was outstanding,  I’m very thankful and appreciate it a lot. My mom is an 81-year old lady Spanish speaking, the nurse who prepared her for the procedure was very pleasant, professional, understanding, patient and compassionate, I am sorry that I don’t recall her name right now. The front desk is hectic, sometimes the women talked to me without eye contact, that is the only thing makes me little uncomfortable, other than that everything was excellent.  The chip to have a drink is nice and thoughtful for the family member waiting with nerves. Thanks for your hard work is highly appreciated.
Loved everything about the Center except the CRNA. I wished he could have been less rough, less rushed and had made more eye contact. He blew me off when I expressed concern about post-procedure nausea.  When he put the oxygen on me he didn’t even get it in my nose and didn’t give me any warning before injecting the propofol. Everything else was amazing!  The nurses were so attentive and informative. The young lady at the front desk was so organized and pleasant,  in spite of being very busy. Dr. Stanton was so great as always. I will definitely schedule with you again in 5 years! I also liked the text the next day asking if I needed to speak to a nurse.  Thanks for asking for feedback!
I had a colonoscopy on Tues. 1/22/19. Everything was just Excellent from the Beginning to the Ending. The entire staff was Excellent, Knowledgeable & Professional. They made me feel totally comfortable. *I must give a shout out to the littlePrep LADY she was so sweet & very courtesy.   My entire experience was Excellent. I will Definitely Recommend DR. CHRISTIAN D. CLARK, M. D. & TULSA ENDOSCOPY CENTER. Thanks to the Entire Staff “ EXCELLENT JOB “ !!!
I am humbled by the care of the recovery nurse most of all. I was “out of it” so I didn’t get to thank her. I remembered later that she not only wiped my nose, she held a tissue and told me to blow. That is wonderful extra care. Also the sweet elder nurse that put my IV into my arm did it without pain at all. Because of my MS I get a lot of IV’s and I have to say she was remarkable. Thank you all for your great care.
I went in for my first colonoscopy. Everyone was friendly from check in to the nurses, to the anesthesiologist, and Dr Blonsky. Will be recommending Tulsa Endoscopy to my friends.
Everyone at Tulsa Endo was eager to make sure everything was done well and in a timely manner. I have used them for several years now, and have no complaints or suggestions.
What a fantastic experience to be treated with such care and professional staff. My experience was that I was kept informed of exactly what procedures were going to be undertaken and what to expect. An experience, unpleasant, though necessary, and was made comfortable by the entire staff being polite and caring.
You have a great staff all were friendly and highly competent.
This was my third colonoscopy.  From the prep to being dismissed, this was by far the best experience I have ever had with this procedure.  All of the employees were very kind, professional, and thorough in explaining everything. Thank you all so much for making, what is usually a very dreaded experience, to something that I won’t worry about any longer.  I will tell my friends and family where they should go when they need this.
Extremely organized, very professional and on time. Dr. Nightengale is awesome. I Highly recommend Tulsa Endoscopy.
My experience with Dr. Hills and Tulsa Endoscopy was very smooth.  They seem to focus on one patient (though others are there) at a time until procedure is completed and you are wheeled out.  They are very thorough and they check on you the next day to see if you are doing okay. Great service.  I wish all could be so easy.
Punctual, patient, professional, friendly!
I would like to thank all of the staff of Tulsa Endoscopy for a very seamless visit. I have never been through either of the procedures that I had on Monday and everyone was so very nice and informative. Dr. McNamara was my doctor and was so very informative as to what the procedures were about. The IV went in so very smooth and the next thing I knew I was awake and going home. The follow-up from the clinic the next day was unexpected but very much appreciated. I will definitely recommend the Tulsa Endoscopy Center to anyone looking for one. The ONLY thing that I was not a fan of was the prep for the procedures….I’m not sure anyone is. Thank you again.
I was recently at your facility for an endoscopy due to 20 years of having some trouble swallowing. I appreciate Dr. Hill & the wonderful staff at Tulsa Endoscopy. I was made to feel comfortable & in excellent hands.  Everyone made sure all my needs were met & in a timely manner. Thank you Tulsa Endoscopy, Dr. Hill & staff!!
There were no negatives during my visit, just helpful smiles. You folks have an excellent facility and are to be commended. Best wishes to you all.
Tulsa Endoscopy was such a great place to have this procedure done. It was seamless from the time I arrived to the time I went home. The staff was beyond amazing and helpful. The procedure was quick and painless. I have nothing but great things to say about this facility.
Very professional, yet warm and caring, the nurse was very patient and understanding of my elderly mother and they did everything they could to ease her anxiety…would recommend this facility to anyone.
Lea Ann
Had endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday. Best experience you can have for those kinds of tests. Staff was very efficient and friendly. Love Dr. Stanton and have seen him for several years. Highly recommend this center.
Best care ever. Facility was top notch. After procedure care was amazing. I highly recommend.
Had upper GI scope by Dr. Clark. I thought he was an excellent doctor and very personable to speak to. All the staff was great in my opinion. Very professional and attentive to the patients comfort. Thank you.
The entire staff was extremely courteous, professional and made me feel comfortable about my medical procedure. I would highly recommend this facility.
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