Hemorrhoid Banding

What is Hemorrhoid Banding?

Hemorrhoid banding is a procedure designed to safely and effectively remove internal hemorrhoids. Using rubber band ligation, the hemorrhoid is tied at the base with rubber bands to restrict blood supply. Over time—within a week or two—the treated hemorrhoid will shrink and detach, leaving behind only a small scar.

Who needs Hemorrhoid Banding?

Individuals suffering from internal hemorrhoids that are causing severe and regular discomfort, such as itching and rectal bleeding may benefit from hemorrhoid banding ligation, also known as hem banding.

How do I Schedule an Appointment for Hemorrhoid Banding?

You will need to consult a gastroenterologist to further assessment before you schedule your hemorrhoid banding procedure. You may schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist by contacting Adult Gastroenterology Associates at 918-481-4700.

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